Alok Tandon is the Founder and CEO of Useful Capital, a social responsible investing platform, aimed at engaging the average investor in double and triple bottom-line investing. In it’s early stage, Useful Capital aims to provide easy-to-use analytical tools and information for individual and institutional investors to adjust their portfolios according to double and triple bottom-line variables; thereby engaging the general public and increasing capital to those whom most need it.

In addition, Mr. Tandon, serves as Principal of Useful Capital Advisors, the business advisory and management consulting division of Useful Capital. UC Advisors is actively engaged in enhancing the capabilities and process re-engineering of early-stage startups and SME’s. Mr. Tandon has been involved with such clients as Ecstatic Partners, an “ideation” and brand management firm focused on enhancing entertainment experiences through a number of tools involving technology, licensing, go-to-market strategies, and disruptive, yet integrative brand strategy.

A seasoned technologist and operations strategist, Mr. Tandon began his career as one of the youngest staff members at the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

While at DPKO, he helped build the U.N.’s human resource management system, Galaxy; designed and installed critical mission communication and technology infrastructure for the Assistance Mission for Iraq; and developed the first Regional Headquarters for the Operation in Burundi. In all, his work with the United Nations took him to over 17 countries in post-conflict regions where resources were scarce, but the mission inspirational.

After three major peacekeeping missions, Mr. Tandon joined Soul City Publications Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India, where he formulated and executed a successful turnaround strategy for the ailing music and lifestyle media company. Serving as the COO and CFO, Mr. Tandon brought a fresh approach to management while ensuring a strong operating foundation. Under his leadership, Soul City embraced technology and new media, pursued new revenue streams beyond advertising, expanded distribution and visibility of it’s flagship magazines, and created a new paradigm for event management with it’s long-running Barista Unplugged series.  In concert with his work at Soul City, Mr. Tandon was instrumental in the development of Support the Music, a non-profit organization focused on promoting academic music programs and providing a platform for aspiring, as well as, established musicians to have a voice on issues affecting India’s prolific, yet nascent music industry.

Drawing upon his unique experiences in peacekeeping/humanitarian missions and an understanding of the venture capital model, Mr. Tandon worked as an Associate at the groundbreaking social venture capital firm, Gray Ghost Ventures in Atlanta, GA. At Gray Ghost, Mr. Tandon performed critical diligence on for-profit social enterprises operating at a convergence of financial services and technology, whose products and services provided solutions for people at the Bottom of the Pyramid. In addition, Mr. Tandon played a significant role in evaluating and developing the firm’s pipeline and portfolio reporting system, which allowed Gray Ghost to accurately track their double and triple bottom-line investments.

Mr. Tandon earned a BA in Computer Science and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.